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While we are proud of the quality of the services we offer we are even more proud that our clients agree.  They have given us excellent feedback and reviews.

"In 2009 I retained Mr. Johnson to represent me after I was involved in an auto accident in Hollywood, California. I never had to call him. He was constantly updating me regarding the status of my case. He sent me to a great doctor and a wonderful sports therapist. He even got the other driver's insurance company to reimburse me for the L.A. Marathon registration fees and my hotel reservation since I was unable to run. If you ever have any legal problems or even if you just have a question Mr. Johnson will always be available to take your call and if he cannot help you than I am sure he will know someone who can." Julie Idolor, R.N.

“In June of 2008 I underwent a lower lumbar surgery. By January 2009 I was back at 90% strength. In February 2009, while driving on the 10 freeway, I was rear ended and pushed into the car in front of me. Needless to say I suffered a severe exacerbation of my lower lumbar surgery. I was unable to stand up straight, I was constantly hunching over and I endured severe pain and throbbing in my lower back. Medical bills piled up as I was unable to work. Mr. Johnson helped my wife and I recover enough money to pay my medical bills and compensate us for our pain and suffering. He even negotiated with Medicare and my health insurance companies and got them to reduce their liens by 50%. I cannot recommend him enough…he was kind, thorough and knowledgeable." Ron Rubin, Owner of Ron Rubin Events

“My father and I were in a car accident in 2011. We were in a lot of pain. Thanks to Mr. Johnson we received high quality medical care and our bills were paid.” Charlene Konkankit

"I was referred to Mr. Johnson in 2011. After our first telephone conversation I was impressed with how much time he spent with me answering my questions thoroughly and making me feel comfortable. If you need an attorney I would recommend you contact Mr. Johnson, even if you just have a question." Nancy Grant

"In 2011, three days before Christmas, I was in my car with my new baby on our way to pick up Daddy when we were rear ended. I was terrified and in a panic. We were taken to the hospital by ambulance, treated by an ER doctor and later released, but what now? I was hurting and in extreme pain as the collision had aggravated a previous neck injury.  My car was deemed a total loss. I had to figure out how to get 2 teenage kids to school and run errands without a car.  We contacted Cary Johnson and my worried mind began to quiet down. Cary has a way of making even the most worried mother feel at ease and cared for. I rarely trust lawyers (no offense to Cary) but I put my trust in him.  He made me feel empowered; I felt like I was his first priority.  He is and was a blessing to our family. We would have just tucked our heads and took the punches from the insurance companies had it not been for him. I now have a renewed respect for lawyers.  Cary's intentions are to help those who come to him in need. He is great at what he does and he has a wonderful heart. We are now comfortable and happy and because of Cary the accident was not as tragic as it could have been."  Abigail Sanchez

“In August of 2014, while in a nightclub, I had the misfortune of being involved in a physical altercation with a close friend of an ex-partner of mine.  I am a thirty-nine (39) year old professional who has never been in a physical fight of any kind, ever!  Fear for my safety is why I defended myself against the other party.  The other party was injured and I was arrested.  “Terrified” does not encapsulate what it feels like to be arrested, treated as a sub-human and then to fear that everything you have worked a lifetime to accomplish could be taken away from you.  Mr. Johnson (“Cary”) is my brother’s employer’s lawyer; I was so grateful to be referred to him.  I can now attest to his savvy as a criminal lawyer.  From the beginning Cary was straightforward in explaining to me my situation, my options, the possible outcomes and how he would assist in the preparation of my defense.  I fully expected to have to go to court, to be penalized financially and to have a criminal record that would stain my reputation for years to come.  If it were not for Cary’s assertive and proactive approach that would most likely have been the outcome.  To my amazement and relief Cary was able to have ALL charges dropped.  I did not have to appear in court and he helped me avoid a criminal record.  Cary is an amazing lawyer.  Cary is very knowledgeable and practices in an assertive non-conventional way.  I am sure no other lawyer would have been able to obtain the same result that he did.”  Carmen G.

I experienced the misfortune of colliding with a pick-up truck driven through a red traffic light by an unlicensed driver.  The accident caused my sternum to fracture as well as completely destroyed my car. I had no hope of recovering any damages whatsoever. This bleak outlook changed when a good friend suggested I contact Cary M. Johnson, Attorney At Law.  Cary‘s research and actions changed a hopeless situation to a positive outcome. He was able to recover all my medical expenses as well as a sizable amount in damages. I am very grateful I found Cary to take on my case and recommend him highly to any and all future potential clients. Cary gets results.  Respectfully, Peter E. Gunther


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